As network speeds and operating requirements increase, so does the demand for superior technology. Andrews Wireless is proud to offer only fiber optic technology and Motorola Canopy
branded equipment. Whether you are transferring large files, working through a VPN connection, or setting up a web cam, Andrews Wireless is providing cutting edge technology to support the growing communication world of today! We have the power to deliver!

What is Fiber Optics?
Fiber optic technology allows data to move at higher speeds and at greater distances than copper technology. It offers complete immunity to electrical interference, providing extremely reliable and secure data transmission.

What is Motorola Canopy?
Andrews Wireless subscribers will need a Canopy Subscriber Module (SM) installed on their home and an Ethernet cable running from the SM to their computer. This unit sends and receives a radio frequency to our towers. Motorola Inc. is revolutionizing the wireless network industry. Their Canopy branded products are streamlined and simple to install. No software required. No phone line necessary. Just fast, interference free, reliable broadband.

Is My Connection Secure?
Canopy uses DES (data encryption standard) to provide 128-bit encryption to ensure secure data delivery and block any intruders.