Service Area Wireless Rate Wireless Installation Legals & Terms
Installation fees
Contract Length Cost
Three year $0.00
Two Year $99.99
One Year $199.99
Speed Bandwidth Cost
10mbps* 300GB $89.95
20mbps* 400GB $149.95
30mbps* 500GB $249.95
Download Upload Bandwidth Cost
5mbps 1mbps 150GB $49.95
5mbps 1mbps 300GB $69.95
5mbps 1mbps 450GB $89.95
10mbps* 150GB $69.95
10mbps* 300GB $89.95
10mbps* 450GB $109.95

*UL/DL Speed configurable
*All commercial accounts have Static IP addresses.

To qualify, just e-mail or call 1-877-852-8896 with the referred customer’s name. Referrals must be made prior to the installation and make sure the customer mentions your name when calling us. Installs must be completed within 30 days of the referral.
*includes 2 email accounts
*includes static IP address
*hardware installation extra
*taxes extra
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